It's very scary opening up your wallet and showing the world how much you're worth. Firstly, it forces you to face tough questions about whether you've made the right decisions in life. Secondly, it opens you up to judgement and criticism from others. It can be brutal.

But I think that by making small changes how we treat money, we can make big changes in how and when we retire. So I want to show everybody that even somebody like you – an ordinary person – can retire early.

You can track my progress by reading my personal financial charts and my monthly net worth reports.

Wealth (Net Worth) Chart

What does the net worth chart show?

This chart shows the growth in my net worth over time. As long as my income is larger than my expenses, then net worth should grow. My goal is to reach $2 million net worth by 2033.

Income and Expense Chart

What does the income and expense chart show?

This chart shows my monthly income and expenses. Income includes the salary I receive from my job, plus any money I am able to make through other ways. Expenses includes all expenses that hit that month (i.e. I don't average big expenses out over the year). My goal is to increase my income and decrease my expenses over time.
Every month I publish a Net Worth Report that breaks down what has helped me get closer to early retirement, as well as what has set me back! You can check out all my Net Worth Reports using the links below: