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The ultimate guide to money and happiness: it’s simple

Posted by on 19 August 2018 in Psychology & Mindset

In my very first article I told a story about partners at my consulting firm that worked well into old age. They earned lots of money but didn’t seem that happy.

These partners worked long hours to climb the corporate ladder. And they spend their high incomes on big houses, nice cars, and fancy restaurants.

I had a hunch that this wasn’t the correct path to a happy and fulfilling life. But I didn’t have any proof. So I dived head first into the scientific research on happiness to figure out how we should spend our money.

What I found amazed me in it’s simplicity.  All the happiness research pointed to one thing: we should spend our money on building close and loving relationships.

And I realised that being mindful with how we spend money allows us to build those close relationships and, at the same time, helps us reach early retirement faster.

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