The mindset shift that led me to early retirement

Posted by on 31 July 2018 in General Early Retirement

Most people would say that life has a blueprint. You study hard at school, get a good job, buy an expensive house, and then work hard to pay it off. Along the way, you get to indulge in life’s luxuries because — well — you’re working hard!

I must admit that for the first decade of adulthood, I subscribed to the same blueprint. I studied hard and graduated with a competitive role at a multinational consulting firm. For a few years I worked long hours and paid my dues; hoping to eventually make Partner and earn enough money to retire.

But in the process I noticed something interesting: as my salary increased, I spent more. And as I looked at the Partners at my firm who were earning great money, they were still working well into old age. Why were so many seemingly wealthy people working for so long? Were they happy?

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