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Safe Withdrawal Rates for Aussies — Part 9: The Ordinary Dollar SWR Calculator

Astute observers of this website may have noticed that we’ve been promising an online safe withdrawal rate calculator for a while now. And it’s finally here! The problem with safe withdrawal rate research is that it’s generally focused on calculating the safe withdrawal rate for a pre-defined set of criteria. For example, a portfolio of Read the full article…

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An Analysis of the Thornhill Method — Part 2: The LIC Trade-Off

Welcome to the next instalment of our analysis of the Thornhill Method. In the last post, we looked at dividends and showed that there is no difference between selling shares for income and living off a dividend stream. This is because any benefit of dividends is immediately arbitraged away in an efficient market. But some Read the full article…

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An Analysis of the Thornhill Method — Part 1: The Dividend Delusion

If you’ve been hanging around financial independence forums, you might have noticed two competing approaches to financial independence. The first advocates accumulative a large portfolio of shares and sell those shares as income during retirement. And the second — known as the Thornhill Method — advocates accumulating a growing dividend stream and living off dividend Read the full article…