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An Analysis of the Thornhill Method — Part 1: The Dividend Delusion

If you’ve been hanging around financial independence forums, you might have noticed two competing approaches to financial independence. The first advocates accumulative a large portfolio of shares and sell those shares as income during retirement. And the second — known as the Thornhill Method — advocates accumulating a growing dividend stream and living off dividend Read the full article…

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Net Worth Report: Quarter 1, 2019

It’s been a long time between drinks! Here’s the first Net Worth Report since we changed from a monthly to a quarterly format. It was a very successful quarter, with the share market returning well and some unexpected income. And I took the opportunity to refinance my mortgage to a more reasonable rate! And in Read the full article…

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Emergency Funds Revisted: Real World Simulations

In our last post on emergency funds, we looked at emergency funds at a very high level. We found that over the period 2003-2018 an emergency fund in the market returned more than an emergency fund in an offset account. But after tax, the offset account did better. But a fair criticism of this type Read the full article…